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The Siam Health Care (SHC) has been come into existence in May, 2007

Siam Health Care Company Ltd.

The Siam Health Care Company Ltd. (SHC) has been come into existence in May, 2007. The prime focus of Siam Health Care Company Ltd. is to conduct research and human resources for health (HRM) training, monitoring, supervision, evaluation, situation analysis, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, education, environment, governance, science & technology, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, gender, ICT and human rights sector.

The SHC is affiliated with its sister organizer Siam Health Foundation (www.siamhf.org). The Siam Health Foundation (SHC) is based in Thailand. More than 11 years Siam Health Foundation involved in arranging different foreign training all over the world. The SHC vision is to provide technical support for developing skilled human resources in assistance with different foreign universities and institutes. Some enthusiastic, experienced and technical human resources take vital role for establishing SHC. They have lot of contribution in between with maintaining international liaison and relevant advisory and technical component. SHC has strong liaison with different foreign delights, institutions and universities. Some includes, SHC has an MOU with HHRDC, Ministry of Health; PR China, University of Indonesia; University of Philippine; Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam; and Mahidol University, Thailand etc.

In addition, implementing a successful program we become in a mutual understand under bilateral or multilateral contracts with local and international NGO’s and individuals. The organization has a strong database of various socio-economic, HIV/AIDS and RTI disease. SHC is also ready to undertake any challenging assignment and deliver the desired outputs professionally.

The Siam Health Care Company Ltd. (SHC) is wishes to promote good health and develop human security situation through research, training, people’s motivation and community empowerment using a holistic and integrated approach. Since its establishment, the Siam Health Care Company Ltd. has provided human resources management training programs, developing people awareness and research to empower people locally and internationally in collaboration with different universities, and government and non government organizations. The SHC is mainly Bangladesh based and it was found with some enthusiastic and dedicated persons in Bangladesh. It has highly qualified and experienced staff with a broad range of relevant expertise in various disciplines for the conduct of training and research programs including demography, public health, epidemiology, human rights, human resources for health management and human security, public administration and IT. The SHC is experienced providing all sorts of technical assistance for the design, implementation and evaluation of program activities for the government and non-government organizations. Moreover, educating people and developing their awareness; SHC has prepared different BCC and IEC materials.